Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mommie's Been at It Again.......

Mommie said I was looking like a "shaggy" woof and she cudn't see my eyes, so it waz time for a "gwooming" egin. I don't care much for dat kind ob ting, but she insistz sumtimes. She onwy did my face, ears, and beerd so far, but heer's a pikture ob me wit me acshuallee wuking into dat fwashee kamera ting and yu can see my eyes!!

Your fwiend,



Murphy said...


Me and Bugs thinks you has beeuteeful eyes. Get your Mommy to add a red bow to go with your hair.

Your Pale

Murphy and Bugs

Cassie said...

Tanks Bugs and Murphy! You tink I'm a red bow kinda gurl? I will tawk to my mommie bout dat!!

Hope you and Bugs hab had a happy Balentine's Day!

Your pal,