Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mudder and Fadder Are Webing Me Today!

Mudder and fadder r webing me at home today wile day take a wong widdle dwibe. Dey are going to hep anudderwiddle corn terror dawg come into Col Potter Corn Terror Rescue's woving arms.

Dis widdle girl is an "owner surrender" and she's starting up in de Dallas, TX awea, den to Mexia, TX, den to Madisonville, TX were mudder and fadder will pik her up and dey will take her to Beaumont, TX where de foster momma will pik her up and take her to Lake Charles, LA. She's a bee-uu-tee-ful widdle gurl fwom wat we know, wheaton with black tip ears, and a tiny girl, 13 lbs. I weigh 18 lbs and I'm a widdle girl myself!

Enyway, I don't much wike widing in a behicle, so I will stay home and comfy until the hoomans come home.

Wishing dem a safe twip and a happy new beginning for widdle Dweemer gurl!

Your fwiend,

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Murphy said...

You sure is lucky to have a peoples who is willing to help rescue other dogs who nees new homes.

Riding in cars is big fun!!! Me and Bugs loves to ride in tha car with our peoples. The bestest part is to hang our head out tha winda and have the wind blow our ears. You would love all tha smells there is to smell.

Murphy and Bugs