Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mommy is Job Hunting -- and She's Not Much Fun!!

The company that mommy was working for went kapoot! So, Mommy has been busy trying to find anudder job, and wile she's sooooo stwessed owt, she's NOT a lot ob fun. I am gibing her lotz and lotz of lub, and she wuvs dat, but dat duzn't earn money. I hab asked my angel bwudder and sisder to pwese huwwy and hep mommy find wurk!

And, to top tings all off, I hab had the runnee poops for a few dayz. Mommy started feeding me wice wit beef bwoth and it haz started to hep. She is mixing a liddle of my kibble in in now, and I'm still pretty klose to "normal" so maybe she wunt take me to dat nasty ole vet!

Well, dat's about all de gud newz I hab for dis time.



Murphy said...


Them runnin poops is not fun at all. Me has to have a shot every six months cause me is a carrier for something that causes that. It's not fun at all.

Mommy and me hopes your Mommy finds a job real soon. Hers says she understands how stressful that can be. All we dogs can do is love them and lick them a lot.

Your Pal


Cassie said...

Tanks for de enkuraging wurds Murphee. I havent pooped at all today, so now mom's worreeing about dat.

Plus she tot maybee she had a chance for a nu job yesterday and she hasn't hurd fwom dem, so guess dat didn't happen eder. Mom's depressed, and I'm twying to make hers feel bedder, but I don't know dat I'm helping her dat much.


Cassie said...

I got taken to dat vet abter all, he gabe mom 3 medicines for me, and now I'm not pooping at all. So, I'm off two of the medicines. De vet said it was good news dat I wasn't "straining" but dat a couple of the medicines can "constipate" me just the opposite of what I had been doing. Oh, my, now mommy tinks maybe she should have just let it clear up on its own.