Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mommy Tricked Me!

Mommy twicked me. She can neber get me to luk happy when she takes my pikture. So, she held a piece of cheese (my most faborite treat) with de camera and I WANTED dat piece of cheese weally bad. So I was wuking at dat cheese and she snapped dat fwashee ting in my fase. Hummmpppph. Anywayz, she finally gotz a pikture ob me wit my eers up and smiling.




Bailey said...

You are such a beautiful puppy, Cassie!! I'm glad dat you wet your mommie snap dat picture!!!

Your pals,

Baywee and Frogknot

Murphy said...

Cassie, me thinks this is a very lovely picture. You should let your Mommy take more pictures of you like this. You is beautiful.


Cassie said...

Tank you Baywee and Murphee, dere is sumtin bowt dat flashie ting dat skares me and I just dunz wike habing it luking at me.

I will twi to be gud and let mommie takz more piktures dough, caws I knowz dat yur mommies getz such gud piktures of bot ob you.