Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Eberybody!

Hope eberybody is habing a berry happee Easter Sunday. I gotz me a stuffed wabbit for a pwesent and some oder goodees too.

Mommie isn't feeling too gud abter falling fwat on her face wast Monday and spwitting her wip and hurting oder tings like her toofers, too.

We wer sposed to go visit my gwandma dis weekend but we all stayed home insted. Dat was ok by mee cause I hate widing in the car anywayz but gwandma was disappointed not to get to see mee!!

Well, datz about it for now cawz my sccretary sayz she's tired and wantz to takez a nap.





Murphy said...


We sure hopes your Mommy is feeling better.

Me wishes me had gotten an Easter Bunny Rabbit but Mommy says me would just destroy it right away. Me did get to have lots of turkey for dinner. This was a good thing.


Cassie said...

U iz a luky puppy Murphee gedding all dat gud turkee to eet. Mi didn't hab eny of dat caws mommy cudn't eet much of enyting. Soz, dis liddle corn terror doggie didn't getz it eder. Duzn't seem fare, duz it?