Saturday, April 01, 2006

Grooming --- Hmmmmppppphhhhh!!!!!!

Well, mommie decided it was high time that I hab a grooming job done, so last weekend she worked on my head, ears, and beard. Dat part wuzn't too bad, but let me tell u, she decided dis morning dat she shud wurk on my tail, legs, and body. I didn't appreciatez dat one widdle bit. She tinks I luk bedder, but it was not fun for dis liddle corn terror. She still sayz I needz to hab my fur in between my pawz pads twimmed, but I'm not abawt to sit still for dat today! How cud my mommie torture her sweet widdle corn terror like dis?



Brae said...

Dear Cassie

Im a 15 week old Gordon Setter puppy (but Im very good at typing and spelling for my age!).. and my 2 mummys are very cruel.. they make me go in the shower when I roll in Pee Pee, they make me go out in the garden and shout Pee Pee at me when its raining, they dont let me chase those darn cats that try to eat my dinner, and they dont let me bite the tails of my big brother and sister. They also get very angry when I try to jump on the table and shout at me.
My name is Ailis No! .. but sometimes they just call me Ailis, but more often than not Ailis No!
I hate them. Im gonna pee on their bed.
Love Ailis

Cassie said...

Dear Allis No, why oh why do those hoomans try to take away all our fun? It sounds like you are just a sweet liddle Gordon Setter who lubs to play and chase the kitty kats. My mommy and daddy won't led me chase those darn wabbits eder!!

Did ja go pee on their bed? Hummmm, you gabe me an idea rite there!


Murphy said...


Me thoughts me had it made on the grooming department cause me is a short haired dog and thems don't need much grooming but me found out different.

Me mommy just made me sit while hers sprayed the mud and muck off of me little paws. This was an outrage.

Oh by tha way. Me say your picture on Baywee's Blog. You is quit a pretty litte terrier.

Your Pal