Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thunderstorms and Things That Go Bump!

Well, we had thunderstorms here in SE Texas yesterday. As everyone who knows me is aware, I HATE thunder. Daddy came home to find me hiding out in the bathroom. Mommy had left my crate open for me so I could go into it, but that's not what I wanted to do! Then daddy walked me, and something scared me, and I hightailed it right back to my house and underneath the end table next to the bed.

Gosh, I hope today's a better day for this little corn terror doggie!



Murphy said...


It sounds like a funderstorm is really scary thing. Me hasn't really seen one of them things yet and me hopes me doesn't either.


Cassie said...

I hopez u neber sees one of dose tunderstorms Murphee! Dey wuld skare a widdle boxer puppy likez dey skares me.

Rite now I'm mad at mommie, she groomed me, and I dunt likez dat one widdle bit. I'm sitting on de couch wit daddy and gibing mommie dirty wuks.