Sunday, March 19, 2006

More Wabbits!

Well, I sure enjoy my walkies, and I found another nest of baby rabbits. I so wememberz where bot doze nestz r now, but Daddie and Mommie wontz letz mi go backz and bizit dem. I wonderz whi not! I justz wantz to see doze babee wabbits.

Wow, I hav neber seen such tings before, and dis is fun.

I hab also finally destuffed my squeekee sqwirrel toi. Mommie had to takez it awayz from mi, soz I wudn't eet de stuffing. Now she is habing to luk for anudder sqwirrel toi for mi!

I lubz my basketball, too, but itz not de same as dat sqwirrel for fun.



Murphy said...

Hey Cassie

Me is jealous, me don't have no baby wabbits near where me lives. Me does have some gofers but Mommy won't let me near thems.


Cassie said...

Murphee, mi duzn't hab anee gofers. Wanta swap some wabbits for sum gofers?

I want doze wabbitz weelly bad, but mommie and daddie won't letz me at dem!

Maybe daddie wud let me hab a gofer!