Saturday, March 25, 2006

What Happened to Springtime?

What is going on? De furst day of spwing has spwung, but it's kold heer in SE Texas? Der was fwost on de gwound and fwost on de car windows dis morning and yesterday 2! Mommie and daddie eben turned some heet on in de house. Dis is SE Texas for gudness sake, and itz not sposed to be kold dis time of yeer!!

I weally donz mind de kold, butz I dunt much likez heering mommie and daddie shiver and komplain.

And, daddie still wontz let me bisit doze baby wabbits agin eder.

Well, datz about it for dis morning.


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Murphy said...

HI Cassie

Me knows what you means about Spring. Me is wondering where it's hiding here in Colorado. Me want's it to get warm so Mommy will get that swimming pool hers has promised me.

Your Pal