Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've not been fewling too good...

Fwiday nite momma came home fwum wurk and I wasn't fewling gud, dindn't want to take my wawk, wefused my she kalled de vet obbise wight away....and off we went to see Dr. Seamans....who found a wot ob gas on my tummy. She gabe me a shot and sum medisine to take and yesderday morning I ate my bweakfust, but I still wazn't fewling real gud. I did eat supper wast nite and I fewl wike bawking at daddie when he gotz home fwom wurk. Dis morning I was weady to go wawking and I ates my bweakfast....and I fownd a cuple ob baby wabbits befur daddie cud stop me. Mommie and daddie sure lub me a wot, and dey hope dis haz just been a widdle tummy upset!

On anudder note....Jella is a weal chawwenge fur awl ob us...she is a "wild child" and she izn't totally potty twained. She "nibbles" hands and getz wotz of "no bite" and she'z been wearing doggie diapers! She is a sweet girl dough. Her dew claw incisions gotz infected so she's on antibiotics and she goez back to de vet today to be checked. So, we'be had kwite de time round here wately!

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Murphy said...

We sure is glad you is feeling better!!!! Neither be or Bugs E Doodle eber had gas, cause we is always passing it to Mommy's dismay. Me thinks that after her hears this story hers will be glad we passes that ole gas.