Sunday, January 11, 2009

Magella (Maggie)!

So, mommie and daddie tewlz uz dat we r going to hab anudder Col Podder fosser kid in de familee. Her name iz Majella, we're gunna kall her Maggie dough. She waz a strway in a kill shelter in Huston wen da Col bwought her into his care. Mommie sayz diz gurl is gunna be a pwetty wedhed when she'z cweaned up and all her fur gwowz in. De vet's obbise is going to shabe her down sept for her hed tomowwow and spay her, den mommie will pik her up and bwing her home tomowwow nite. I'b neber had a gurl fosser befur, so mommie hopes dat I will be nise to her. Mommie is posting de intakez pikture ob de nu gurl in de house!

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Murphy said...

You peoples is so good to take in this little girl. We knows you will make a berry good foster sister to her.

Murphy and Bugs