Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm a Mighty Mouse Catcher!

Diz iz de stowee....fur seberal dayz now I'be been sniffing n digging awound dat heeter mommie tot I waz wuking fur a mouse. She asked daddie to pwease set a twap...but he didn't du it. So, diz morning.....dat mouse wan wight out in fwont ob mee, and I gwabbed it. I chewed a cuple ob timez, den I dwopped it and do yu now wat daddie did? He tuk my gweat catch n "dizposed ob it"! I say he owez me a big ole tweet for taking my "catch ob de day"!


1 comment:

Murphy said...

Cassie you is a fearless pup. We is proud of you. Me will have to get Mommy to tell about me catching tha squirrel.

Your pal Murphy