Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mommie's been playing with a Photo Editor Program Again!

She tukz a pikshure ob Hunter n mee today n she made it into a bwack n wite foto....of hur "sugar n spice" fur kidz az she kallz us!

Itz HOT here in SE TX, so we r spending wotz more time inside dan wat we wud wike, but we dunt complane tu much wen de hoomanz say we hab tu come bak inside eder. We usually find ourselbz a kool pwace in de house and nap out abter our wawks.

Hope eberyone iz habing a gud summer!




Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Very cool photo Cassie, you guys look good as "sugar and spice" BOL!
We have had a couple hot days but all in all it's been an unseasonably cool summer here so far. I likes it!!!

sista' moonshine said...

You can really see the contrast; it's very distinctive. I love changing T&B into black and white and really play up the contrast in their faces. It's fun!

MAX said...

Hello there, Cassie (and Mom)
...and thank you for visiting my blog. I feel so privileged to have new friends stopping by.
You look like you are a really cute dog. We love terriers in this family too (have 2 of them here), but you guys can get a bit bossy sometimes!
Im sure I'll manage though.
Looking forward to being friends.
Lots of love and licks
Maxdog in South AFrica