Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, mommie haz been pwaying wif dat foto editor pwogwam egin...and she kame up wif sumting dat wukz wike paintingz ob Hunter n mee. She weally wikes dese.

We'b been habbing a berry wong, hot summer heer in SE TX.....and it wuked wike we mite hab a herrikane at our door for a wile der, but Ana is gone wifout paying uz a bisit abter awl. We sure du hope no herrikanes pay uz a bisit dis yeer.

Mommie haz been busy goin bak and forth bisiting our gramma....who has been diagnozed wif lymphoma.....but me and Hunter hab been staying home wif daddie...he takes gud kare ob uz, but we're alwayz happee to see mommie wen she comez home!



MAX said...

Hey there, Cassie
Yep, we agree with mom - the pictures are really cool!
We are hoping for you that there are no hurricanes and we are also sending you best wishes that Granny is going to be ok
Lots of licks

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Hey Cassie, those pictures look very cool!
I'm glad to hear you and Hunter are taking care of your daddy when moms gone. Give your mom lots of hugs and kisses!