Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday to Me!!

Today i a speshul day for's my 10th woofday! Mom and dad tewlz me dat dis iz sumting to tonite I'z getting mi bery own hamburger and banilla ise kream kone, and dad tuk me for a long wawk today...just dad and me! 10 yeerz old izn't weal old fur a corn terror, but I'z not a spwing chicken eny more eder. Mom and dad tewlz mee dat dey hopez I will be happee n healthy for a fu more yeers as dey sure wub me wotz.


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Murphy said...

Happy Birthday Cassie. We is a little late with the wishes cause we hasn't been able to get on tha computer. We hopes you had a really good birthday.

Woofs and barks

Murphy and Bugs