Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Portrait!!

A wooferful, deer fwiend ob mommie and daddie offered to paint my pawtrait, so mommie tuk wotz and wotz ob pikturez ob me until dis fwiend cud find one to use, and dis pawtrait waz dewivered yezterday. Mommie n daddie are thrilled wif dis permanent pikture ob me, mommie callz it a tweasure!!


Scarlett said...

My goodness, this is wonderful gift for you Mommy & Daddy! And beautiful likeness of you

Murphy said...


That comment form Scarlett was from me Mommy's blog. We forgotted hers was signed into her blog when we left you a comment.

Anyway we thinks tha painting of you is butiful!!!!

Murphy and Bugs