Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's Almost Baseball Season....

so my mudder decided to put an Astros cap on me and dis bat/ball in de pikture caws she's a big baseball fan. Oh, what we pups do for our hoomans!!



Murphy said...

WOOOF WOOOF WOOOF, oh Cassie, me is so very sorry your Mommy feels tha need to whomilate you but it is funny. My Mommy loves baseball too. Hers usually tries to get opening day tickets but us puppies don't get to go.

Muprhy and Bugs

Cassie said...

Hi Murphy, izn't dat de most hoomiliating pikture yu'be seen in a wong time?

My mommy is a huge fan, too, and she tries to get mini season ticket package and goes wit her fwiend Linda to about 20 games a yeer.

She sayz pupz aren't awwowed. I don't know why!!