Monday, September 03, 2007

Manpurse Stroll......

for my best fella Vinny and his brudder Ozzie. Dey bof hab been bery sick doggies, Vinny wif liber failure and Ozzie wif kidney failure, suddenly at de same time. Der hoomanz hab been heartbwoken, but de are duing eberting possible to help deze sweet boiz. Vinny has a majical manpurse on seberal ob de bords he bewongz to on Dogster, so his fwiendz started a manpurse "stroll" for deze boiz, and here is my "manpurse" pikture for my boi!

De boiz r eeting bedder now, so we r hoping dat maybe sum of de tingz de vet purson and der mudder and fadder r twying r helping dem.

Hope eberyone has had a safe and happee Labor Day holiday. I'm going underneef de end table egin, it's stawting to thunder owtside.


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