Sunday, August 06, 2006

Anxiety Wrap???

My mom bought this thing I iz waring in dis pikture kalled an anxiety rap?? I habn't had a wot of chanze to twy dis ting owt yet, but maybe it will hep me not be zo skared in tunder. We will wet yu know if dis ting wurks!




Keeper of the bully gurlz said...

hope it works Cassie! i love the thunder.......i hope you learn to enjoy it just like me........maybe one day, you'll be running around out in the rain like i do! lol!!

well, anyway, it looks cute on you! :)

bratty said...

cute dog!!! I put a link to your blog on my blog...

Murphy said...


Is the thing working?? Me just discovered something that scares me and its tarps blowing in that wind.


Cassie said...

It seemz to wurk pwetty good, Murphy. Sowwy dat de nasty ole tarp skarez yu mi fwiend. I betz de makez deze anxiety rapz in yur size, too, if yu getz close to doze mean bwowing tarpz often!

Your fwiend,

Bailey said...

That wrap is really cool!