Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mommy Bought a New Camera

Mommy bought this new camera and I now can't seem to do much of anything without having this flashy thing in my face. Help please!! I am not big on having my picture taken!! Please tell mommy to drop this obsession.



Murphy said...


Me is sorry to say but once your peoples gets them camera thingys they is always flashing them in your face. It's a fact of life and one we dogs just have to get use too. Maybe some day there will be a way we can take pictures of our humans when thems is doing stuff we thinks is cute.

Your pal

Cassie said...

I tink we shud do jusd dat, Murhpy, getz uz sum kameraz n takez piktures ob dem hoomans doin siwwy tings. Den maybe dey wud not aways be puttin doez kameraz in our faces. I was not ment to be a cober gurl.

Bailey said...

I'm so glad that your mommie got a new camera!!! I'm going to love seeing all your pictures, Cassie!