Sunday, April 18, 2010

Me, Hunter, and Beee--UUUUU-TEEEE-FUL Wildflowers!

It's wildflower season here in SE Texas, and mom took some pikshures ob de bwuebonnets wast week, se we tot we'd share a piksure ob doez gorjeous fwowers. We also habz sum wildflowers gwowing on owr land, so mom tuk a foto ob Hunter n mee wif dem, so we tot we'd share it tu.




Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Oooo, very pretty flowers! Almost as pretty as you, Cassie!! :-)


the booker man said...

hiyas, miss cassie!
it's totally awesome to meet you! i'd love to be friendz. :)
did you know that i looove flowers, too? i could just sniff them forevarrr and evarrr. my mama is from texas, so she loves the bluebonnets, of course! heehee.
is hunter your brother? you two sure are good lookin' doggies!
the booker man

Cassie said...

Tank yu Cloud!

Cassie said...

Booker iz bery hansum, tu.....Cloud sure makes sum nise furriends as well a gud luking! Yes, Hunter is my brudder...he is also a Col. Potter rescue dat mom and dad fostered and dopted. He waz a stway dawg in a shelter wiff heartwurms. CP paid for his tweatment and mom and dad saw him thru that and by de time hiz tweatment waz dun, we all wubbed de boi.

We'd wub tu be furriends wif yu...hab been enjoying yur comments on Cloud's page.