Sunday, January 03, 2010

De Hoomiliasion ob it All!

I gotz entered in a foto contest on a doggie board we bewong to...and mommie putz me in a DWESS!! I dunt DO cwofes!! De theme waz sugar and spice and eberyting nice is what gurlz are made here's what mommie came up wif! Hunter is a he's made of snails n puppy dawg de only ting dat happened to him waz mommie tuk a pikshure ob HIS tail!


Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Well, you do look pretty cute there, Cassie. I agree, Hunter got off easy. I don't like clothes either. Lucky for me, I only have to wear my hoodie when it's really cold outside.


sista' moonshine said...

oooh Cassie...according to banners after a few 100 or so clothes changes you tend to just accept it and look pretty.