Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot Weather and Thunderstorms

It's been weally, weally, hot here in SE Texas for what seems like monts and monts now. This is seveerley kurtaling my nice long walkz wit daddie cause a widdle bwack doggie likez me getz over-heeted fast. So, daddie iz taking mi only on short walkz, and I am neber weady to kume bak inside wen he sayz it'z time. I sit down hoping he will tink bout it and let me stay outside longer. He windz up carreeing mi bak to de hous!

And, den der are doze tunderstorms, too. Seemz like we hab dem ebery day, and all my fwiends know how much doze tings skare mi.

Mommie and daddie are staying home dis weekend, so guess we will all veg out togedder.



Murphy said...


Your peoples needs to get you a swimming pool. Them things is fun and it keeps your fur nice and cool. Of course you smell like a wet dog for a little while but it's all worth it.


Cassie said...

Dat sounz like a gud ideea Murphy, I will hab to mension dat to my Mom.

Wight now I am diktating fwom bak ob de couch agin, cause it'z tundering agin. Dis is gedding old, Murphy!

Hope yu and yur hoomans hab had a gud weekend.