Saturday, April 25, 2015

Long Time --- Da Hoomanz R Geddin Weady!

Been a weally wong time since da secretary haz ritten enyfing fur me.  

A few weeks ago I didn't feel gud fur a day or two, so da mama insisted dat daddy take me to da dogtor....they found maybe I mite hab a urinawy twact infection and a bit ob arfritis, so I came home wiff antibiotiks and glucosomine supplements.   Wiffin a few days I seemed to be myselb egin.  Whew!  When a gerl getz to be my age and don't feel gud, da mama worries.  

Now da hoomanz r geddin weady to head to sumplace called Ha-Wa-Yee, and mama sayz dat this place is kind ob like "hebben", warm, sunny, bee-uuu-fee-ful water and fwowers n stuff.    Dey will be weabing all ob us at da bet's offise while dey r gone cause der's tu meny ob us to board at her boss's house. 

While we hope da hoomanz hab a gud time in dat pwace, we hope hope dey will miss us, cause we know we will miss dem!



Kinley Westie said...

My momma says she are big time jealous of your momma's trip.

Cassie said...

Whitwey, my momma iz bery cited, tu. Hoping it'z as much fun az she thinkz itz gonna be.

Finley and Brinley said...

My Momma sez she are jellus, too....